Benefits of CLS International Website!

Personalized Guest Site
When you send a prospect to your site you will received an email notifying you of their visit. Your guest will also receive and email thanking them for visiting your site. After the login they will come to your personalized guest welcome page. Highlighting your page will be you pictured with your name and your companies name. And that you have chosen to work with CLS/Network 21 and to build YOUR business.

eVent Information
Detailed information outlining upcoming events. PDF forms with event information you can email to your group. Online eVent Registration for conferences.  

You and your downline will be recognized on the CLS site starting on the CLS Website Homepage. How exciting is it for your downline to see your picture on the CLS site and even more exciting when they see their picture. Pictured recognition of CLS Leaders Club, Executive Leaders Club, Producers (12% and above). Listing of the Core, Pace Setter. Listing of 300 PV Pacers. Special section for 12 month 300 PV Pacers.

Leadership Profiles
Profiles of your CLS Diamonds and CLS Team Leaders on the grow.

Lifestyle Pictorials of CLS eVents
Relive the memories of the great CLS eVents and trips. Great for you to take your new IBOs and let them starting dreaming about going to these kinds of locations.

Product Information
Tips, techniques and support material for marketing the hottest products. 


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